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This is not an impartial review, as this is my own product!

So what can I say..?

Well I have 11 very basic, pretty crap in fact, websites that I set up 2 years or more ago and were not making me any money. then just over 18 months ago I came across a site that I found interesting and had an idea about how to make money from these 11 sites.

These sites were not well otpimized for the search engines and weren't getting much traffic, let alone making any money for me, so I decided to give this "new" idea I'd found a try. It took less than an hour to get all 11 sites set up for this service and within six weeks I was earning over $400 from them.

It's an ongoing recurring income as well and over the months since then it has grown to over $785 a month.

That in itself is a nice little income, considering it took me less than an hour to set up each of the sites, but add in the fact that the extra work required each week to maintain this income is just 10-15 minutes on average, it works out at a very significant hourly rate for the time invested..

So why only 11 sites you ask?

Simple, I only recently realized how effective this strategy is. I had just been receiving the monthly payments and filing them away without thinking twice about where it was coming from, it took a friend seing the email informing me of the monthly payment and asking what the money was for to make me realise I should probably be doing more of these sites.

I have invested some time and money (hosting, domain registration and a couple of related costs) in new batch of around 100 new sites which I hope to be able to add to my "portfolio" of sites using this simple method of monetization.

The Lazy Git Marketing Manual cam about because I made detailed notes of the process for myself while I was doing it with these sites and that same friend suggested I could sell the manual to show others how to do the same thing..

Lazy Git Marketing


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