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How an A5 notebook turned my business around

One of the biggest problems with working online is the constant temptation to be distracted by stuff, usually emails about the "Latest this, that or other" that you really should have to "Supercharge" your business.

Earlier this year I found myself spending (wasting) more time looking at other peoples sites, products and offers that "might" be useful to me than I was on doing the real work that my business needed.

The result was twofold, first my business wasn't moving forward anywhere near as fast as I wanted, and second I would end up feeling very frustrated at the end of the day, feeling like I hadn't got anything valuable done that day.

How did I fix it?

How To Get High Quality One Way Links To Your Websites

There are basically two aspects to SEO, "on page" & "off page" optimization.

"On Page" SEO is easy because it's totally under your control. It's simply a case of making sure you have optimized your web pages correctly.

OK, so there is a bit more to it than that, like keyword research, keyword density & frequency, which html tags to use, making sure your site/pages are W3 Compliant, using relative/absolute internal linking structures to feed the pagerank where it's most effective, using titles and descriptions that encourage people to click through from the SERP's etc.

Opt In Email Marketing Lists - Opt In, Not Optional

Are opt in email marketing lists optional for your online business?

Sure, if you enjoy running an online business which is draining your financial resources instead of replenishing them, as online businesses are meant to do. No matter what you’ve heard, email is THE marketing tool of the 21st century, but only if the emails you are sending are going to people who really want to receive them.

Deciding Between Email Marketing Software and Services

If you want to get serious about marketing your online business, you will have to build an email strategy. And as your business grows, the demands of keeping up with your email strategy may overwhelm you. That’s when you should investigate both email marketing software and services. What’s the difference?

Are Opt In Email Marketing Services Worth The Price?

One thing that all successful online entrepreneurs have in common is that they all have opt in email lists, which they may guard to the death if necessary.

The best opt in email marketing lists are the product of months or even years of work spent building credibility with a customer base so that they will want to be included in your company’s emailings.

Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

If you’ve been reading up on ways to make money online, you already know that affiliate marketing on the Internet has established itself as one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive methods to get started building your online income.

What is it, and how do you get your piece?

What Is Viral Marketing, and What Is the Best Viral Marketing for You?

You know what happens when an email transmitted virus hits the Internet and moves from PC to PC, gathering steam as it goes by infecting everyone who communicates by email.

That, of course, is a very bad thing.

Email Promotion and Internet Marketing Automation - The Autoresponder

Managing your own email list can be a monumental task, especially if you have a growing Internet business and you are constantly looking for ways to reach you customers.

Any business, online or off, will be rated on its ability follow up with its customers, and if you don’t establish a reputation for following up, you are going to have customers unsubscribing from your email lists in droves.

4 Ways to Build Lists for Your Internet Marketing Email Home Based Business

While you may think that having your own website is all that’s essential if your home based business is to succeed, any successful Internet marketing email home based business needs another asset just as much.

What is it?

Resell Ebooks for Profit

Millions of people never stop to think that every day of their lives they are involved in resale transactions. Every time they make a purchase of an item from someone besides the person who created or grew it, they are completing a resale transaction, and without resellers, the global economy would come to a very swift and jolting halt.

Master Resell Ebooks

The global Internet audience is growing at an exponential pace, and anyone with a single iota of marketing sense knows that a global audience there for the taking is too good an opportunity to pass up. So Internet marketing is growing at an exponential pace as well, and among the hottest marketing properties are master resell ebooks rights.

Resell Computer Ebooks: Get Your Own Marketing Empire Underway

Sir Francis Bacon observed, “Knowledge is power,” in 1597, and if he believed it was true then, what do you think he would think four centuries on, in the dawn of the Information Age?

Understanding the Resale Rights Package

What is a resale rights package? And how will you be able to tell which sort of resale rights package is the best for your marketing purposes? The answers to those questions are essential if you are to maximize your hopes of profiting from the reselling of intellectual property which has become one of the biggest businesses on the Internet.

Top 5 Home-based business opportunities

A home-based business is a great business environment to be in. For one, you don't get caught in polluted traffic snarls; second, it gives you a sense of freedom and takes you away from the petty politics of office; third, it brings you closer to your near and dear ones and helps you get a grip on your personal life.

Finding Profitable Home Based Businesses

In today’s world, there are more and more people who are turning to home based businesses instead of working for other people. There are some people who think that having your own internet home based business is very risky, but there are many people who have used them and found them to be very successful and lucrative. One reason that there are not even more people taking this route is because it can be a bit difficult to find good quality home based businesses.

The Best Home Based Business Income Opportunities

More and more people are taking the plunge into home based business and forsaking the big corporations with overbearing bosses and a great deal of overtime. Some people are trying to escape the corporate world, while others just want to be able to spend more time at home with their families.

Finding Online Home Based Business Opportunities

If you have the idea that those late night commercials actually is the key to beginning a successful business from home, you may want to quit reading right now. If you’re still interested, know that a home based business does take work and is a risk, yet the income potential far exceeds what you would make in your working lifetime working for someone else.

Internet Marketing Online - The Best of the Best

If you are one of the many business that are starting to do a great deal of their marketing online, then you are definitely heading in the right direction.

There are literally millions of people who use the internet every single day, and when you use online marketing, you can effectively bring people to your website who are potential clients. While some people think that internet marketing online is extremely difficult, when you know what you are doing and you have done the right research, it can be quite easy and profitable as well.

Website Marketing Strategies: A Beginners Guide to Website Marketing Strategies

One of the most important parts about building a website is website marketing strategies, which is what will bring readers or consumers to your site.

For someone who does not have a lot of experience with marketing, this task can be severely terrifying, but luckily it has become easier than ever to learn about marketing strategies. You can market your website, you can drive traffic to your business, and you can improve your sales! There's no need to be afraid!

Website Marketing Strategies: More Effective Website Marketing Strategies

For any business, whether it is large or small, online marketing is imperative in today’s world. Small businesses are especially learning that website marketing strategies can drastically improve their success and levels of profit.

Website Marketing Strategies: What are the best Website Marketing Strategies

If you have an online business or a business that also has an online website, it can be very important that you work at marketing your website. Whether your business is online or offline, having a marketing plan online has been increasingly important.


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