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Using TweetBeep Alerts for Twitter

Watch this quick video to see how to be alerted when you, your website, company or product is mentioned on twitter! TweetBeep allows keyword based alerts on twitter conversations, perfect for twitter reputation management.

Using TweetBeep for Twitter : 5.25 Mins

Using Google Alerts

See how quick and easy it is to use Google Alerts to find out when you, your website, or your product is being talked about somewhere online, ideal for repuation management...

Using Google Alerts : 5.54 Mins

Cloaking Affiliate Links

How to quickly cloak your affiliate links to stop losing affiliate commissions ...

Cloaking Affiliate Links : 6.25 Mins


Viral Ads Widget

A quick video to show just how easy it is to add the Free Viral Ads widget to a blog and get extra targeted traffic and visitors...

Viral Ads Widget : 5.11 Mins

Adding New MySQL databases in cPanel

This video shows just how easy it is to add new MySQL databases in cPanel

Adding MySQL DB's in cPanel : 3.35 Mins

Adding Videos to your Blog or Websitel

This video shows how to use the free tool from to add videos to your website or blog

Adding Videos : 8.58 Mins

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Google Conquest

Have a look inside this fantastic all in one blogging, product and traffic system and see just why I think it totally rocks!

Google Conquest : 22.31 Mins

Changing File Attributes with FTP

This video shows how to change (CHMOD) file attributes or permissions on you web host using free ftp software..

Changing File Permissions : 2.56 Mins

Automated Article Production Tool

This video shows just how easy it can be to create fresh new content with an auto content generation tool..

Auto Content Generator : 3.03 Mins

Using AWeber Email Broadcasts

This video shows how to use the email broadcast feature in AWeber to send out promotions and news emails to all the subscribers on your list..

AWeber Lists Broadcasts : 5.04 Mins

Using AWeber Automated Email Follow Ups

This video will show you how to use the very powerful email follow ups feature in AWeber to set up a pre-written sequence of emails to be sent out to your subscribers over a pre-defined (by you) period, days, weeks or months..

AWeber Follow Up Emails : 7.06 Mins

Adding AWeber Optin Form

This video will show you how add an AWeber Optin form to your webpages and "Squeeze" Pages..

AWeber Optin Form : 4.23 Mins

Creating Lists & Otpin Forms in AWeber

This video shows how to create new subscriber lists in the AWeber auto-responder system and how to create the optin form code that you need to put in your webpages to get new subscribers on to your list..

AWeber Lists and Optin Forms : 10.40 Mins

PayPal Payment Buttons

This video will show you how to get the necessary html code from your paypal account to add a paypal "Buy Now" button payment option to your sales page or blog.

PayPal Buy Now : 5.20 Mins

Recording Site Visitor Behavior

This video shows how to use one of my favorite new toys to record and spy on whatyour website visitors do while they're on your website or blog..

Site Visitor Behavior : 5.05 Mins

Using Kaboodle for Traffic and Links

This video will show you how to use the new and upcoming Kaboodle social network shopping site to get links and traffic to your sites [note: it's not my own video, so it's a bit longer than normal, sorry!].

Kaboodle : 10.13 Mins

Using Twitter for Internet Marketing

This video shows how to use the new and upcoming Twitter social network site to get links and traffic to your sites, [note: it's not my own video, so it's a bit longer than normal, sorry!]. You can find my Twitter page here: Matt Garrett

Twitter : 7.50 Mins

Using TagK for Site Backlinks from your Facebook Profile

This video will show you how to use the TagK social site profile plugin to add social site links, as well as links to your own sites, to your Facebook profile.

TagK Facebook App : 4.52 Mins

WordPress Ping List

This video shows how to add a good Ping list to your WP Blog, the list of RSS sites can be download from

WP Ping List : 1.44 Mins

Adding a Favicon to your Blog or Website

This video shows how to add a bespoke "Favicon" to you blog or website.

Adding a favicon : 4.20 Mins

Creating a Favicon using Gimp

Gimp is a free graphics package that you can find a link for on : This video whos how to use Gimp to create your own favicon for your blogs and websites.

Make a Favicon : 6.05 Mins

Using WP Manager DX 2

WP ManagerDX2 is a program that automates the process of installing and settin up WrodPress Blogs.

Using WPMDX2 : 5.59 Mins

Uploading/Adding Themes to WordPress

How to add new themes to your wordpress blog.

Adding themes to WordPress : 2.32 Mins

Uploading/Adding Plugins to WordPress

How to add new plugins to your wordpress blog.

Adding Plugins to WordPress : 3.34 Mins


Adding Images to WP Blog Posts

how to add pictures and images in to your WordPress Blog posts, you do need to upload the images to he /public_html/images/ folder on your web host first using ftp (see ftp uploading video below) and they should be in imagename.jpg or imagename.gif format.

Adding Images to WordPress Blog Posts : 3 Mins

Using Branded Videos for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Video Brander allows you to quickly and easily brand other peoples promotional videos with your own affiliate link.

Branding Affiliate Marketing Videos : 3.20 Mins

Finding High Paying Keywords to Use with WhyPark Domain Parking

WhyPark is one of the better domain parking servcies I've found, but to make the most out of it you need to get the right keywords. This video shows how to find the highest value keywords and set them up in your WhyPark domain parking service.

High Paying Keywords and Domain Parking : 4 Mins

Fantastico WordPress Insatallation

How to add a WordPress blog to your site using cPanle Fantastico

Fantastico WP Installation : 3.58 Mins

Uploading file to your website with cPanel File Manager

How to upload files to your website using cPanel Filemanager

File Upload with FileManager : 1:59 Mins

FTP File Uploading

How to upload files to your website using FileZilla FTP Software

FTP File Upload : 2:55 Mins

Changing Nameservers

How to change the nameservers for your newly registered domain to add it to your hosting account

NameServers : 2.58 Mins

Setting up hosting and email accounts in cPanel

How to add a new domain to a cPanel Reseller hosting account (e.g. Hostgator) and how to add a new email account to the domain once it's set up.

cPanel Hosting : 2.43 Mins
cPanel Email Set-up : 2.39 Mins

Adding Email accounts to Outlook & Outlook Express

How to set-up your new email accounts in outlook and outlook express

Outlook Email Account Set-up : 1.22 Mins
Outlook Express Email Account : 1.22 Mins

Adding Signitures to Oulook and Outlook Express

If you haven't got some sort of promotion for either a product of your own or an affiliate program then you're leaving money on the table, so get it sorted now! These two videos show how to quickly add signitures to the bottom of your emails in Outlook & Outlook Express.

Outlook Signitures : 3.57 Mins
Outlook Express Signitures : 3.57 Mins

Trackback Backlinks

This video shows how to use Trackback Spider to get trackback backlinks to your sites. It's a real neat bit of software that I'm going to be using a LOT! There's only 300 copies of this up for grabs, so it may already be gone...

Trackback Spider : 3.57 Mins

Scheduling Posts on WordPress Blogs

This video shows how quick and easy it is to set up shceduled posts on a WP v2.1 Blog. The idea being to load up all your content in one go and schedule it to "appear" on your blog over time, to save going back and posting new content every week or so.

Scheduling WP Posts : 1.58 Mins

Adding an Autoresponder Optin to a WP Blog

This video shows how to add an autoresponder "sign-up" or Opt-in form to a WordPress Blog.

Adding Optin to WP : 2.56 Mins

Header Graphics

How to edit a normal digital photo or image to a suitable size for use as a website header graphic.

Header Graphics : 3.30 Mins

Expired Domains

This video will show you how to use RegisterCompass to find expiring domains with existing Google PageRank. Once you have your list of domains that you wish to try and grab, simply submit them to a expired domain grabbing service like SnapNames or Pool.

Registering Expired Domains : 3.35 Mins

Using BlogCommentorLite

BlogCommentorLite can be a simple, effective and cheap way to get backlinks to your site. This video shows how to use the system and can be used for outsourcing the work. You can get people to do this work for you from RaC or Elance for just a few dollars an hour.

Click here to download BlogCommentorLite

Using BlogCommentorLite : 3.52 Mins

Finding Suitable Domain Names

We can use a free tool called Domain Name Analyzer to help us find suitable domain names to use, you can download DNA from

Once you've installed it you will also need the Domain-Variations.txt file which you can get here: - Domain-Variations

Then simply click on Video 1 to watch the video showing how to use these two tools.

Finding Domain Names : 2.43 Mins

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