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There are new internet and affiliate marketing products, tools and services being released almost every day, so many that you could almost spend all your time just reading all the different sales letters about how wonderful "XYZ" product is, buying it and then moving on to the next sales page..

Unfortunatly this is quite often what people end up doing, and most of those wonderful new products that promised to revolutionize your new web business end up sat on your hard disk taking up space and never actually get used. If this sounds familiar, don't worry, you're not the only one, I've personally spent thousands of dollars on internet marketing and affiliate marketing videos, ebooks, software, memberships sites etc. etc. etc..

There have been times when I have spent more time "playing" with the latest new IM toy that I've neglected my business and suffered financially because of it. It's not a pleasant lesson to experience.

I know look at new products and services in the light of my business and ask some simple questions, like how can it be of real financial benefit to my business and will I be able to implement it quickly and easily. If not, I now force myself to move on and go back to doing some real work. I do still buy new information products, tools and services, but I set a budget (both financially and time wise) for each month and stick to it.

I've found it's helped my business significantly.

So the products I "review" here are the ones that I have personally tried out, and I'll point out whether I'm going to make use of them in my business or not on an ongoing basis, as well as how they fit in to my business plan.

The first product I'm going to mention is a pretty easy choice, as it's sets out a step by step guide for one of the easiest income streams my business has. I can say that with absolute certainty because I wrote it.

It's called Lazy Git Marketing and it shows how I make $750+ and growing each month from 11 very basic websites with very little work on a week to week basis. It's an area of my business that I am now expnading on as I've realised just how powerful it is.

Lazy Git Marketing

UPDATE: Aug 2007: For the Latest Internet & Affiliate Marketing News Visit My IAMUncovered Blog

Let me know if there's something you are particulary interested in..

HOT PICK: Lazy Git Marketing is brand new and selling a storm. It a simple step by step guide showing how to make automated monthly paycheques from simple article sites & blogs without having to get any traffic!


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