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Finding High Paying Keywords to Use with WhyPark Domain Parking

WhyPark is one of the better domain parking servcies I've found, but to make the most out of it you need to get the right keywords. This video shows how to find the highest value keywords and set them up in your WhyPark domain parking service.

High Paying Keywords and Domain Parking : 4 Mins

Fantastico WordPress Insatallation

How to add a WordPress blog to your site using cPanle Fantastico

Fantastico WP Installation : 3.58 Mins

Uploading file to your website with cPanel File Manager

How to upload files to your website using cPanel Filemanager

File Upload with FileManager : 1:59 Mins

FTP File Uploading

How to upload files to your website using FileZilla FTP Software

FTP File Upload : 2:55 Mins

Changing Nameservers

How to change the nameservers for your newly registered domain to add it to your hosting account

NameServers : 2.58 Mins

Setting up hosting and email accounts in cPanel

How to add a new domain to a cPanel Reseller hosting account (e.g. Hostgator) and how to add a new email account to the domain once it's set up.

cPanel Hosting : 2.43 Mins
cPanel Email Set-up : 2.39 Mins

Adding Email accounts to Outlook & Outlook Express

How to set-up your new email accounts in outlook and outlook express

Outlook Email Account Set-up : 1.22 Mins
Outlook Express Email Account : 1.22 Mins

Adding Signitures to Oulook and Outlook Express

If you haven't got some sort of promotion for either a product of your own or an affiliate program then you're leaving money on the table, so get it sorted now! These two videos show how to quickly add signitures to the bottom of your emails in Outlook & Outlook Express.

Outlook Signitures : 3.57 Mins

Outlook Express Signitures : 3.57 Mins




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