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So exactly what is clever seo..?

Clever SEO is managing to get your web site in to the top 10 search engine results for your keyword or phrase, and stay there. Doing so can turn your website into an automated money making machine that is a joy to behold.

So how do you achieve top 10 rankings through Clever SEO?

Like anything else worthwhile in life, you have to put a bit of effort in and learn about how search engines rank websites and pages.

The problem, however, is that when you do a search on something like "search engine optimization" you get over 8 million results to choose from.. and most of these sites are so big you get lost trying to find the information you need and end up either more confused than you started or buying something you don't need, so I've put together this collection of the SEO software, tools and resources that I've found to work..

SEO Cources - These are the essential information products and seo courses that I have found to be the most useful out of all the stuff I've bought, read, watched and listened to, and I've been buying SEO related information for the last 4 or 5 years. I only list those that I think are really worth your time and money..

SEO Cources

SEO Software Review - There are some seo tools and software that I consider essential for a succesful website. I only review those that I have found useful, most of which I still use on a day to day basis to help run my business, and as I only do so part time, my time is very imprtant to me. Some of these tools can save hours of time and effort..

SEO Reviews

SEO Training - Tools and Website Content - This includes a whole bunch of useful stuff on how to get content for your site, how to find the best products to sell from your site, and even how to get cheap software products..

SEO Training

Web Master & SEO Resources - This is a selection of useful web master resources, like cheap domain hosting, link building resources, hosting deals, ranking tools, etc..

SEO Resources

Other Internet Money Making Stuff - This is a bunch of other internet money making resources, including how to make money from eBay, from paid surveys online, as well as how to find and grab expired domains..

Other Internet Money Making Stuff

Web Master Tools - This is a new selection of useful web master tools, including cheap reseller hosting, where to get information products and software to sell and affiliate programs, how to outsource and automate work, where to get icons for your site, and a few of my other current favorite web master tools..

Web Master Tools

SEO "Fun" - A couple of years ag an SEO "guru" called Brad Fallon started a SEO project to show how it works.

Who is the Coolest Guy on the Planet?

UPDATE: Aug 2007: For the Latest SEO & Website Promotion News Visit DominoSEO

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