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Trackback Backlinks

This video shows how to use Trackback Spider to get trackback backlinsk to your sites.

It's a real neat bit of software that I'm going to be using a LOT!

There's only 300 copies of this up for grabs, so it may already be gone...

Trackback Spider : 3.57 Mins

Scheduling Posts on WordPress Blogs

This video shows how quick and easy it is to set up shceduled posts on a WP v2.1 Blog. The idea being to load up all your content in one go and schedule it to "appear" on your blog over time, to save going back and posting new content every week or so.

Scheduling WP Posts : 1.57 Mins

Header Graphics

How to edit a normal digital photo or image to a suitable size for use as a website header graphic.

Header Graphics : 3.30 Mins

WordPress Opt-in

A visitor/subscriber asked me if I could do a quick video showing how to add an autoresponder subscribe/Opt-in to a WordPress Blog, so it's the first video..

WP Blog Opt-in : 2.48 Mins

Registering Expired Domains

This video will show you how to use RegisterCompass to find expiring domains with existing Google PageRank. Once you have your list of domains that you wish to try and grab, simply submit them to a expired domain grabbing service like SnapNames or Pool.

Registering Expired Domains : 3.35 Mins

Using BlogCommentorLite

BlogCommentorLite can be a simple, effective and cheap way to get backlinks to your site. This video shows how to use the system and can be used for outsourcing the work. You can get people to do this work for you from RaC or Elance for just a few dollars an hour.

Click here to download BlogCommentorLite

Using BlogCommentorLite : 3.52 Mins

Finding Suitable Domain Names

There is a great (free) tool called Domain Name Analyzer which makes it a lot easier to find suitable domain names to use, you can download DNA from Once you've installed it you will also need the Domain-Variations.txt file which you can get here: - Domain-Variations. Then simply watch the video showing how to use these two tools.

Finding Domain Names : 2.43 Mins

30th April - "Google Dance"

Having checked a few of my sites today I've noticed a change in the PageRank on may of them, so I guess it's time for another Google PageRank update, or "Google Dance" as it's known..

I'm expecting a bunch of my sites to go down in PR as I've not been getting new backlinks for them or adding any new content to them for months, so Google's probably going to downgrade them. I've also got another "network" of sites that I've been steadily adding new content and backlinks to to test out the differences from using different SEO linking strategies, so I'm going to be putting aside some time to analyze the differences for the strategies that I've used and I'll be posting about the results here once I've collated all the data.



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