What Is Viral Marketing, and What Is the Best Viral Marketing for You?

You know what happens when an email transmitted virus hits the Internet and moves from PC to PC, gathering steam as it goes by infecting everyone who communicates by email.

That, of course, is a very bad thing.

But for Internet markets, viral marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase sales by taking advantage of the fact that news travels faster over the Internet than it does over any other medium.

You need to take advantage of the best viral marketing techniques if you want to see your Internet marketing really take off.

You want people to be so impressed with your marketing offers that voluntarily spread the word abut whatever you are marketing, because statistic show that when people like something, they will usually spread the word to three other people on their own.

The best viral marketing techniques will let you tap into that grapevine and get your marketing presence into the consciousness of people who would otherwise have remained beyond your reach.

The best viral marketing will create Internet buzz, with your marketed product at its center. That, of course, is a very good thing.

What Is the Best Viral Marketing Technique?

If you want to start a genuine viral marketing buzz, give something away. Good news travels fast, and good news involving free offers travels the most quickly of all.

The best thing about free offers is that it doesn’t really seem to matter much what you offer for free, as long as it somehow relates to the product which you are trying to brand with viral marketing.

The best viral marketing programs can begin with something as simple as giveaway reports on your products or services.

If you mention that these reports contain information about your product available only to those who visit your site, and then make sure the information in the reports is actually useful, you will get traffic.

If the traffic is impressed with the quality of your free report, it will spread the word.

And that’s how the best viral marketing works. You can even include, in your free report, another free offer for readers who opt in to your site’s mailing list.

Decide what you want it to be, but make sure it is at least as useful as your original report.

Gmail as an Example of the Best Viral Marketing

You can step up the tempo of your viral marketing campaign by making your free offers limited in duration or supply, because it will lead your takers to express a sense of urgency when they spread the word.

If you still need proof that this is one of the best viral marketing techniques, consider Google’s Gmail campaign.

Google did it all by making Gmail scarce and available only to “power users.” Gmail appeared special indeed, and soon people who already had plenty of email service were bidding for Gmail accounts.

If it worked for Google, what have you got to lose?

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