Opt In Email Marketing Lists - Opt In, Not Optional

Are opt in email marketing lists optional for your online business?

Sure, if you enjoy running an online business which is draining your financial resources instead of replenishing them, as online businesses are meant to do. No matter what you’ve heard, email is THE marketing tool of the 21st century, but only if the emails you are sending are going to people who really want to receive them.

Targeted marketing from opt in email marketing lists is your best chance of bringing traffic to you sites and bringing cash to your bank account.

But if you want to build really effective opt in marketing email lists, you’ll need a strategy. There are some steps you should implement right from the start, so that you get your opt in email marketing lists functional ASAP.

Know Your List Members

* Decide exactly what you need to know about your opt in list members, as far as making your site sales more lucrative, and think of a way to solicit that information, and only that information.

Of course you’ll need their opt in and their email addresses, but if you have resale rights on software or an ebook related to your site’s business, how about offering it free to those who are willing to provide a more in-depth profile?

Keep Your Information Current

* Every time you make a sale to someone on your opt in email marketing lists, send a thank you and ask for feedback, or ask them to update their profile. Your opt in customers are your best resource for knowing how to improve your site.

Make Suggested Changes

* If the members of your opt in email marketing lists offer worthwhile input concerning changes they like to see in your site’s services, and you see the market value of making them, do so and notify your list members. It’s a great way of building trust, and with trust comes repeat business.

Find Other Ways To Solicit Opt Ins

* Set up a business related newsletter and offer it to those who those who opt in to your lists. Make sure the content is well-written and relevant, and think about including a place where readers can respond. Building community is another great way to keep your customers both coming back, and spreading the word!

* If your online businesses are backed by a brick and mortar business, advertise your websites on the premises, at the registers, and have sign-up forms handy so that interested people can provide their names and e-mails.

If you send out flyers or coupons via snail mail, ditto on the signup form, and how about offering a special discount, or free shipping, on a particular item for those who opt in and make an online purchase?

Trust Is The Key

* So many people have been burned by so much spam that you must absolutely promise, and ensure that your opt in email marketing lists will remain confidential. Keep you opt in process simple, and keep it private.

As your reputation among your subscribers grows, you’ll be able to ask for more information, as long as you do it only to improve your site’s performance.

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