Are Opt In Email Marketing Services Worth The Price?

One thing that all successful online entrepreneurs have in common is that they all have opt in email lists, which they may guard to the death if necessary.

The best opt in email marketing lists are the product of months or even years of work spent building credibility with a customer base so that they will want to be included in your company’s emailings.

The Opt In Emailing Marketing List Alternative

To build an opt in emailing list you first have to know how to build traffic, and learning to build traffic is an education in itself.

But many would-be Internet business owners think that the whole idea of building their own opt in emailing lists is overblown, and that they can take care of the entire process simply by subscribing to opt in email marketing services

But is it really as simple as it sounds? It may seem simple to you as the buyer of opt in email marketing lists, but there are some things to consider before you take the plunge.

Why Opt In Emailing Marketing Services Can Be A Waste of Money

You might understand, if you’ve been a victim of spam, why lots of people do not appreciate having their email or contact information being sold without their knowledge.

In fact, many people will not sign up for any online offers unless the offers include guarantees that their information will remain strictly private.

But there are unscrupulous Internet marketers who will promise whatever they need to get good contact information with the intention of selling or renting in through opt in email marketing services.

That’s not really a surprise, is it? And what sort of conversion rate do you think you can expect from contacts who never wanted to have their information passed on?

Are You Sure You’re Buying a Safelist?

Another risk of paying for opt in email marketing services is that you can never be certain that the information you get is a safelist. If you don’t know what a spambot is, you are in for a revelation.

Spambots the Internet in search of e-mail addresses so that their masters can build and sell email marketing lists.

If you use one of those lists, you could very well end up being in violation of the CAN-SPAN Act, being fined and being blacklisted as well. How can you tell if you will buy a safelist?

If the opt in email marketing services offer lists of nothing but email addresses, run the other way, because opt in lists should contain names or other contact information which their subscribers volunteered.

The Bottom Line: Try a Blog Instead

The whole point of having an opt in email marketing list is to get your leads to your site ASAP, and the best chance you have of that happening is to use a blog to build your opt in list yourself.

The bottom line is that opt in email marketing services are simply not the best way to get leads who will head for your sitem because they will have no idea why you are contacting them and could not care less about finding out. And that’s no way to build a business!

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