Website Marketing Strategies: Understanding the Resale Rights Package

What is a resale rights package? And how will you be able to tell which sort of resale rights package is the best for your marketing purposes? The answers to those questions are essential if you are to maximize your hopes of profiting from the reselling of intellectual property which has become one of the biggest businesses on the Internet.

First, to explain what is a resale rights package: purchasing a resale rights package from a product’s owner give you the right to sell that product yourself, and keep the profits without fear of having to pay royalties on your sales. Software, ebooks, and articles or reports are all informational products to which resale rights packages are attached.

What is a good resale rights package for you will depend on several factors, including price, contents, the quality and age or the information products they contain, and the limitations the resale rights package puts on your ability to resell those products.

What is a good resale rights package price? That, of course, will be determined by the other four factors. A resale rights package on an informational product with a limited market, for instance, how to propogate coleus from leaf cutting, will not cost as much as the resale rights package on intellectual property revealing the secrets of Warren Buffet’s financial success, written by Warren Buffet. But what you want most of all is the resale rights package to information which fits your particular marketing niche.

Well-written or designed intellectual property, which is in the very early stages of being marketed, will command a higher price than poorly written material which has made the Internet rounds for several weeks. What is key for a resale rights package’s pricing is whether or not it will let you set your own price for the information; some intellectual property providers demand that their content be sold for a minimum price, and that can severely limit your marketing tactics.

Ideally what is a resale rights package will contain a full complement of sales aids so that you will be ready to begin marketing the product as soon as you get the rights to do so. Speed is of the essence when it comes to success in a highly competitive venture like Internet marketing, so a good resale rights package will have, in addition to the software or intellectual property, a sales page and sales copy or well written articles which you can submit to ezines and article directories, and a report on the information product which you can give away to your potential customers.

If you have purchased a master or private label resale rights package, it will contain the text or rich text files of the original so that you rebrand the material with your own graphics or add your own affiliate links. The private label resale rights package, in fact, will let you alter the product in any way you choose, and sell it as your own.

Finally, look for a resale rights package which has bonuses which you can use to entice people to buy your main product, because everything you can do to differentiate your own marketing technique from the others who are reselling the identical products increases your chances of snaring the catch.

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