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This is the latest collection of my favorite Web Master Tools.

It's a fairly long list as I've not updated this site for a little while, so I might split it up in to a few different pages soon, but for the moment here goes, in no particlular order: -

Outsourcing and Automating

Since going "full time" on my internet business I've spent most of my time trying to find ways of making what I do quicker and easier to speed up the whole process andtake things to the "next level", hopefully including my earnings.. :)

This means treating my internet business as a business instead of just a hobby, so I've started outsourcing and automating as much as I can, so I'm going to start with the best outsourcing and automation resources I've found as it's the most important part of what I have learnt in 2005 for my business, IMHO. :]

The first thing I have outsourced is my article writing.

There are a couple of options here, you can pick up "Private Label Content" articles to use, which are articles that have been written for you, but not just for you, to see what I mean check out these two article services (both of which I am a member of myself): -

The other option is to go to a site like Elance or RentaCoder and post a "job request" for your own article writer, or just for someone to write the articles you need.

Elance and RentaCoder are basically sites which bring together website owners with content providers, writers, web designers, and programmers who are looking for work to do.

I now have several article writers providing me with fresh unique articles each month.

These articles can be extremely useful for getting more backlinks to your sites if you use a tool like ArticleSubmitterPro with your own articles.

Oh, I did find one other cool article related web master tool, how about having your own articles directory?

The most useful automation tool I have found is a little gem called IIMacros, there is a trial version of IIMacros so you can give a try before you buy.

To make the most out of it you really need the "Scripting" version, which is not cheap at just under $500, but I can't even work out how many hours it has saved me doing menial, boring repetetive tasks by automating them for me.

It is probably the most powerful tool I have come across this year. The first time you use this tool with a site generation system and some keyword lists you will realise just what I mean.

Nuff said, grab it now - IIMacros.

Web Site Building Tools

I use a number of powerful automated Web Site Generation tools, the best of which aren't accepting new members at the moment, although there are two which might be accepting new member soon, so if you want to know about them when they are, sign up for my newsletter and I'll let you know, or email me and ask if Traffic Monkey have any spaces at the moment..

XSitePro is the best content site system for building and managin a site that is available at the moment, and if you're interested on "Black Hat SEO" stuff then you could try out FrugalCloaker which is a simple, but powerful, cloaking system.

Keyword Lists and Keyword Research Services

TopKeywordLists.Com is obviously my favorite keyword service as I went and bought the site/business as it was so good, but it is only relevant or useful if you are using site generation tools to kick out large numbers of site, at least 5-10 per week..

If you want to generate your own keyword list obviously there is that good old workhorse WordTracker, but it can be so slow and painful..

I've found a much quicker alternative to worktracker - Keyword Discovery, quick easy and clean, when I'm doing my own keyword research this is the tool I use, although that may change as there is a new service coming out soon which I suspect will beat it, but if you want to know what that is you will hve to register for my newsletter! :)

If you want to find out what is paying well in adsense then there are a couple of high paying adsnese keyword lists you can get hold of, the biggest and best that I've found (with over 2 million keywords in their list) is Keyword Explosion.

If you have keyword lists and need to clean them up, then grab a copy of Keyword Cleaner

Reseller Hosting

These are the four best reseller hosts I use, check them all out and decide which suits you best..

DW Hosting Services :: NeuReal Hosting :: HostGator :: ServerPlex

Affiliate Programs

These are my favorite place to get hold of good affiliate programs to promote..

Clickbank - for information products and some internet marketing tools

Clickbank are also a great sertvice if you have your own info products to sell as they run the whole affiliate program for you.

RegNow - For all sorts of great software to promote, most with trial downloads available which always makes it easier to sell a product.

Google Adsense

Oh, and there is of curse everyones current favorite, Google Adsense...

If you're looking for an alternative to Adsense then check out PeakClick, it's not quite as good, but it's the best alternative I've come across.

If you need to learn more about how to make money from google adsense then the best place to start is Neil Sheering's AutoIncomeSecrets Book.


Bloggin can be very useful for creating lots of links to your existing sites to get them to rank higher, but you need to know what you are doing.

[New content and recommendations coming soon]

SEO Stuff

The best source I've found in the last year for SEO information is by far Jerry West's WebMarketingNow Newsletter, it's just invaluable!

And it's well worth taking a look at the Affiliate Classroom Members Only site for some real top notch insider affiliate stuff.

and as the last useful web master tool for the time being, if you'relooking for some cool icons for your site, check out this site - Web Site Icons

Hope this list helps you out a bit!

If you have any specific SEO questions, contact me: -

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