Who is the Coolest Guy on the Planet Now?

It seems there's a bit of competition going on to be found as the "the coolest guy on the planet" in Google..

Update - 28th December 2005 - Brad Fallon is still the coolest guy on the planet!

Don't believe me?

Have a look at the screenshot below, taken just a few minutes ago, or do a search on Google for "the coolest guy on the planet" and see if he's still there.

I did a search back on 28th of July this month for "Who is the coolest guy on the planet" and Brad was number one back then, and as of today, 28th December 2005, six months later, he is still at number one!

It really does show he knows how to get a number one spot in Google and keep it. There is a whole bunch of savvy internet marketers and clever seo experts who are trying to beat him just to show they can, but no-one's managed yet..

If you want to know how he's managed to get the number one spot and keep it read on...

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Have I used Brad's Stomper course and SEO Elite to try and do the same thing and beat brad?

Well, of course!

I had to have a try didn't I. It's tough competition to be the coolest guy on the planet though, so I've only made it up as far as 14th position so far. Check out the screen shot below for the evidence.

You should also undertsand that I did this with about half an hour work back in July 2005 and haven't touched it since, but I was using SEOE Elite of course, so it was easy to get such good results with very little effort, as I knew exactly what I needed to do.

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